R2B: Return 2 Base (2012) 720p HDRip 800MB

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Download movies: R2B: Return 2 Base (2012) 720p HDRip 800MB
A South Korean Elite Black Eagles Air Force pilot Tae-hun finds himself transferred to a combat flying unit after a cocky, unplanned, and dangerous air show demonstration. On the first day of his transfer to F15K, he meets Cheol-hui, the unit’s own top gun. Tae-hun is free-spirited, whereas Cheol-hui plays by the rules, and the two come into conflict almost immediately. However, Tae-hun quickly befriends his other colleagues: Dae-seo, Yu-jin, and Seok-hyeon. He also falls in love with Se-yeong, who is in charge of maintenance. Tae-hun continues his free-spirited ways and his antics get the entire unit suspended from duty. The world outside the base makes its presence known when a North Korean MIG fighter is discovered heading toward the South. Tae-hun and the rest of the squad are put back on active duty, and a reconnaissance mission turns into an all out fight, ending in Dae-seo’s untimely death and Seok-hyeon’s disappearance. Eventually Cheol-hui and Tae-hun come to an emotional understanding and the F15K makes preparations to stop a war and rescue their missing comrade.


Release Date: 2012
Genre: Action
Stars: Rain, Sin Se-kyeong, Yoo Joon-sang
Quality: 720p HDRip
Source: 720p HDRip H264-Mbaro
Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 2
File size : 800 MiB
Duration : 1h 54mn
Overall bit rate : 973 Kbps

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